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  • The Market for Hindutva

    In the latest episode of The Seen and the Unseen podcast, host Amit Verma makes the point – it is not as if India has suddenly seen a rise in communal disharmony, in truth Indian society was always bigoted, it was always like this. (I’m paraphrasing.) There was already an existing market for bigotry and […]


  • Falq-e-haftoon

    Today I learned that the Sanskrit ‘sapt’ (सप्त) is a cognate of Persian ‘haft’ (हफ़्त). Thus, hafta (हफ़्ता) is a literal translation of saptaah (सप्ताह). The two words are cognate, that is derive from a common Proto-Indo-European stock. They also show lenition, that is, sound change. S -> H. This is why the river Sindhu […]

  • The Issue

    Where Mughals foreigners? What does it mean to be a foreigner? The word foreigner can mean a lot of different things. In the context of a modern nation state, a foreigner is someone who is not the citizen of a country. If you don’t have an Indian passport, you’re a foreigner to India. But that’s […]